We offer a choice of freshly baked breads, rolls and pastries; homemade jams and preserves (apricot, greengage plum, wild blackberry, Carpentras or Mollans strawberry, cherry, gingérine – a type of watermelon – mirabelle plum, etc.), as well as locally-produced honey; fresh, seasonal fruit, as well as locally-produced organic juices (apricot and apple); and a choice of teas (green and black), herbal teas and coffees, which we select with the utmost care.

Local cheeses and charcuterie can also be provided upon request, as well as eggs, which can be cooked to your taste (soft-boiled, fried, omelette, etc.). Please note that there is an additional fee for these extra items.

The guest table

We offer a guest table on weekends and during the season. All the dishes served at dinner are made with fresh, locally-produced ingredients, most of them organic. Our chef, Olivier, obtained his CAP in cuisine in 2022. He has worked in various restaurants in Lyon. He has a particular interest in nutrition.

We pay particular attention to the quality of the ingredients, using only the fruit and vegetables that are in season and can be bought at the local markets.

Similarly, the meat and fish we serve at our table d’hôtes comes from local producers and is selected with the utmost care. Every year, in June, we harvest lime-flowers so as to offer our guests our own organic lime-blossom tea.

Our olive oil

We produce our own olive oil and cure our own black olives, using only the local variety called “tanche”. Our olive grove is located in Buis-les-Baronnies, in a little place locally known as “Devès et Dracus”.